Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

If you don’t know what a fibre optic Christmas tree is by now, we’d highly recommend watching a video… but essentially they use thin optical fibres – like very thin cable to transmit light in one or a range of different colours. They are a specific variety of artificial Christmas tree upon which you don’t normally hang decorations. Like LED trees, they require very little maintenance and as such are popular for use as a second tree.

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  1. 1.8m Revolving  Fibre Optic Christmas Tree with Berries, Warm White LEDs
    In Stock
    • Warm white LEDs
    • Fibre optic technology
    • Traditional, with a modern twist
    • 1.8m (H)
    • Indoor and sheltered outdoor use
  2. FT151020_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Colour Changing LEDs.
    • Dancing Lighting Option.
    • Ideal for large Retail Commercial displays.
Fibre optic trees have gone through spells of immense popularity in recent decades, though perhaps more people now associate fibre optic with broadband internet than Christmas trees! There are broadly two types of fibre optic tree, one in which the fibre optics are only evident at the tips of the Christmas tree, and the other where pretty much the entire tree is illuminated. Usually these trees are multi coloured, with the colours running through the optics changing gradually from one colour to another, to another. You can also have trees that only transition between a couple of colours or even just a single colour though, giving a slightly more classic appearance.