LED Christmas Trees

These LED Christmas trees aren’t generally considered as an alternative to regular Christmas trees, in fact they’re most commonly used as a supplementary tree. They usually feature LEDs built into their branches or tips and unlike regular trees aren’t exclusively used during the festive period either. Our LED tree range includes both indoor and outdoor Christmas trees.
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LEDs are now hugely popular and seen as the standard in lighting, replacing the costly and less safe filament bulb types. LED Christmas trees simply wouldn’t be possible with filament bulbs due to the heat that these give off and the resultant safety concerns. Coming in a variety of sizes – from under a metre to over 6 metres in height - our LED trees include the ever popular copper twig tree range as well as one of the biggest growing outdoor Christmas solutions –fairybell trees. Thanks to the nature of the product, LED trees are produced in a plethora of different Christmassy colours too, making them a versatile, flexible option for your Christmas and all year decorations.