Christmas Candle Bridges

The tradition of placing candles in windows dates back to 1171 and the practice has survived to this day, although for very different reasons. Nowadays, placing Christmas candles or candle bridges on a windowsill has become more decorative. Candles are the perfect decoration to give a soft warm glow, and with some styles you can even place them on your Christmas tree.
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Candle Bridges for Christmas

Originating in the year 1171, arising from the British persecution against the Catholic Church in Ireland, the tradition of placing candles in the window began at Christmas, when every faithful Irish Catholic family hoped to have a priest visit their home. The warm, welcoming glow of the candles would let the priest know that the family wished to receive sacrament and, in return, the priest would be offered their hospitality. When the British persecutors became suspicious of the candles, it was said that their purpose was to welcome Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus into their homes. Of course, the reasons nowadays for placing candles in the window are more varied. Although traditionally of religious origin, it has become common practice to illuminate the home with a candle bridge in the window. Candle bridges come in a variety of designs, styles and colours and, although the candles are now battery-powered, they all have the same effect as those used in 1711, to make guests feel welcome in your home during the festive season.