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Perfect for covering larger spaces, our range of Net Lights are not only bright and beautiful, they're also extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of outdoor spaces. Combined with Rope Lights and Curtain Lights, your home can be brought to life like never before. Available in various colours and styles, we're confident that we have the perfect Net Lighting for your requirements, all for a great price. We supply high quality LED string, fairy and net lights which can be used for many different options. Multiple net lights can be connected together in order to extend the overall width of the net. Whether you wanted to bring to life your flower bed and decorate around the base with lights.
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Net lights are perfect for larger areas

Spruce up your garage with our net lights range, take away the straightforward look your garage has and liven up your driveway! These net lights are fantastic for implementing wherever you may choose, display them inside hedges or have them trickling down a wall. Net lights are nice and simple to display, they can also be used for indoor use too. Our range consists of a low voltage connectable lights system. Easily connect multiple light strings together with just one plug socket! Saving you money and time. Our curtain and rope cables are lightweight and easy to install and set up in your home to make a statement on a feature wall. Our net lights are truly diverse and really pack a punch! When it comes to filling up your outdoor and indoor lighting experience, consider our connectable net lights. With its ability to easily become a multi-functioning asset towards your outdoor and indoor viewing pleasure. You could consider decorating your hedges, bushes or trees in your garden. We have a great election of net lights which are very easy to set up and get them glowing right away! The bulbs are low voltage and are available in white or warm white. Our lights are effortlessly connectable and just from one plug you can simply connect multiple light strings, making it overall easier and useful, say goodbye to tangled up wires everywhere! Our LED net lights have a timed function, making you in control of your lighting source! You’re able to leave your lights switched on, they will illuminate for 6 hours, before turning off for 18 hours and then reverting back on again at the same time as the previous day.