Tabletop Christmas Trees

These Christmas trees are perfectly suited to sitting atop a table or desk due to their small stature. Many, though not all, of the trees within this category are actually potted Christmas trees. These are actually incredibly popular in office environments and make eye-catching inexpensive office Christmas decorations. Tabletop Christmas trees such as LED trees are of course not exclusively reserved for the workplace, with many people adding small trees in various locations around the home.
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Tabletop trees are incredibly versatile and low maintenance. For this reason they can be used on dining room or kitchen tables and work surfaces, or perhaps more commonly on coffee tables or sideboards in the living room or hallway. These decorative, smaller trees are a nice accompaniment to the main Christmas tree/s in your home or office. Due to the small size of these tabletop trees, very few lights or decorations are required, and in some cases are already included with the tree. Be sure to check the individual product descriptions to find out what is or is not included, and take a look at our various Christmas decoration categories for inspiration as to how to decorate your tabletop trees.