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Who said that Christmas trees are just for indoors? Not us, that’s for sure. These artificial Christmas trees are specifically designed to withstand inclement weather conditions and thus to operate outdoors. Generally these are pre-lit trees, meaning there’s no need to purchase outdoor Christmas lights separately, but be sure to check the product description to make certain. Available in a choice of sizes and colours, why not bring the Christmas spirit outdoors this year?
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We’ve noticed more and more people embracing the possibilities presented by outdoor Christmas lights and now trees too. These don’t usually look exactly like their indoor counterparts, partly for practical reasons. Outdoor trees usually need to be secured to the floor somehow, again read the specific product descriptions for more details on this one. Often people associate outdoor Christmas displays with city, town and village centres, wherein there is often a large outdoor tree. In recent years though, more and more domestic Christmas displays are popping up, with outdoor lighting in particular much more accessible thanks to… ahem, sites like ours. Christmas trees as we now know them have been intrinsically linked to Christmas for centuries, and it’s about time that our gardens both front and back were exposed to this particular Christmas tradition.