Christmas Garlands

Garlands are one of the most traditional Christmas decorations, conjuring up images of snuggling up all cosy and warm, next to an open fire, maybe even with chestnuts roasting on it! With a variety of styles, to match your choice of Christmas decorations, they're the perfect addition to your seasonal decor. We think they look great when teamed up with other more traditional items, such as candles too.

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  1. p000720.jpg
    In Stock
    • Decorative Swag with Snowberry Finish.
    • 60cm (H).
  2. OW-M312902_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Versatile green ribbon garland.
    • Size - 2.7m.
  3. OW-K401840-G_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Traditional Gold Christmas Decor.
    • Size - 1.8m (L).
  4. 4m Holly and Bell Garland
    In Stock
    • Create a festive atmosphere.
    • Size - 4 metres.
  5. FT131092M_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • 180 Multi-ColourLEDs.
    • 2m Length.
    • Ideal for large Retail Commercial displays.
  6. TR011_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • 180cm in length
    • pre-lit with 30 warm white LEDs
    • Indoor or outdoor use
    • Traditional finish
    • In-built timer
  7. TR007_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • 180cm
    • pre-lit with 30warm white LEDs
    • Flocked finish
    • In-built timer
  8. 24V Connect
    24V Connectable
    3m Outdoor Pre-Lit Christmas Garland, Connectable, 50 Warm White LEDs
    In Stock
    • 50 Warm White LEDs per 3m length.
    • Indoor & outdoor use.
    • Connect up to 69m (with medium power pack.
    • 8 light functions with memory.
    • Part of our 24v connectable range.
    • Power pack required.
    • 15cm in width
  9. FL-2256-35cm-ww_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Great for commercial or personal use
    • Realistic look and feel
    • Indoor & sheltered outdoor use
    • 64 warm white LEDs
    • Battery powered with timer
  10. FD-254736_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Traditional Christmas colours
    • Indoor use
    • Size - 1.8m (L)
Garlands have been used in Christmas decorating for many, many years and the sight of the traditional swags of foliage instantly injects a warm, festive glow into the hearts of all who see it. When the tradition began, people would chop down sections of trees and bring them into the house to adorn their fireplaces and walls. Nowadays, of course, this practice has fallen out of favour, mostly because it is frowned upon to go out into your local woodland and start hacking at trees, simply to decorate your home over the festive season. The tradition of placing garlands on walls and over fireplaces has very much remained the same, but, with a variety of artificial foliage options instead. There are a number of different garland styles available, many of them coming pre-decorated with items such as pine cones, berries and poinsettia flowers, so there's something to suit every seasonal decorative scheme.