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Creating a beautiful, illuminated atmosphere to your garden or outside space is a great way to make a statement. Here at Festive Lights, we supply the UK’s largest range of connectable lights, there are four lighting systems to choose from, ConnectPro, FestoonPro, ConnectGo and 24V Low Voltage. Connectable lights, as the name suggests can be connected together in a daisy chain from one power source, making them a great option for those who want to illuminate long areas, trees and bushes to create the right ambience.
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  1. 4W E27 Filament Style LED Light Bulb
    • Perfect for unique lighting displays
    • 4W & 320 lumen output
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Huge Range of Connectable Lighting

From our outdoor LED string lights to our connectable Festoon lights, we have something to suit every garden and budget. Looking for something to make a statement in your garden, our outdoor curtain lights and LED rope lights, have you covered. With our extensive range of connectors and sockets, our connectable lighting selection is a great choice not only for gardens but if you're looking to light up a larger space, such as an outdoor wedding venue or outdoor business. Dimmer controls, flashing LED’s and extension leads all effortlessly connect together to create an easy to control seamless lighting solution for your garden or outside space, no matter how small or large and whatever the budget. For our connectable lights, there are four lighting systems to choose from, this gives you the option of having commercial outdoor lighting for all year round use to low voltage lighting which can be powered by batteries or solar panels. The ConnectPro 240V connectable lights are suitable for commercial use and are built to withstand prolonged outdoor use making them a great choice for all year round lighting. This system uses strong and durable rubber cabling and is compatible for use with our mains voltage connectable lights. Our ConnectGo Multi-Power Source Connectable Lights system features a cutting-edge low voltage, multi-power-source lighting technology which offers users enhanced performance and versatility from their outdoor lighting. The ConnectGo system allows flexibility to choose from three different power sources, battery, solar and low voltage mains power. This means that the same lighting can be powered by solar panels during the winter and swapped over to a battery or mains power during the winter months. The FestoonPro 240V Connectable Festoon Lights range is designed for commercial use, making them strong and durable for all year round use. The belts and bulbs can be purchased separately, allowing you to choose the colour of belt, the style of the bulbs and bulb colours allowing you to create the right lighting for any space. Our 24V Low Voltage Connectable Lights are a cost-effective way to provide outdoor lighting to any space. The low voltage means that these lights are cheap to run, but are also the safest option for those with small children or for lighting in public places. The low voltage means that they will not only be the most cost-effective solution for lighting up your home, but they’re also the safest option for your family and for use in public spaces. They are also a good option for those who display festive lights as they can be put up and taken down with ease. Our connectable lights can also be used for outdoor Christmas lighting displays.