Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Christmas is a wonderful celebration, but let’s be honest it can be a little stressful too. With so many tasks to undertake, the pre-lit Christmas tree trend has slowly become more relevant. Basically, these are artificial trees with the lights already attached, so you don’t need to wrap strings of lights round yourself. This saves time and effort, a bit like with LED trees or even fibre optic trees, so that you can spend more time eating mince pies.
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Pre-lit trees are not to be confused with fibre optic trees. In the majority of cases, it’s almost impossible to tell a pre-lit tree from an artificial tree that has had its lights carefully wrapped around it – essentially these are time and space saving trees. You don’t need to package the lights away separately when Christmas has been and gone, and you don’t need to worry about wrapping the lights in the first place. For many, the concept of a pre-lit tree is almost blasphemous. The tradition of wrapping fairy lights around the tree at Christmas is almost considered sacred – those people are probably in the wrong category. These trees are perhaps more for the modern Christmas enthusiast then, which is why there are pre-lit Christmas trees in white and cream for instance, and not just green.