Solar Lanterns

Our solar lanterns come in all shapes and sizes! These solar lights are a popular choice for those looking to create a wonderland of garden lighting at their home. With LED candles and jam jar variants, there is plenty to choose from when choosing a solar lantern for your garden. Whether it's hanging them from a tree, or simply placing on a patio, these lights make a huge difference.
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  1. 1080910RD_4.jpg
    • Unique garden décor.
    • Can be hung or freestanding.
  2. Solar Zephyr Hanging Lantern
    • 1 x 400mAh AA battery included.
    • 1 x white LED.
  3. Solar Glass Peacock Lantern
    • Intricate stained glass design
    • Flickering effect LED
  4. 50% OFF
    50% OFF
    12cm Solar Rose Gold Table Lantern. 2 Pack
    • Rechargeable batteries included.
    • Stylish, rose gold mercury speckled effect.
  5. Solar Plymouth Flickering Candle Lantern
    • 1 x 200mAh AA battery included.
    • Rustic effect, with real jute rope.
  6. Solar Copper Marvello Rotating Lantern
    • 1 x 400mAh Li-ion battery included.
    • 8 x white LEDs.
  7. Solar Glass Carnival Lantern, Colour Changing LED
    • Quality, real glass and rope construction.
    • 1 x white & 1 x colour-changing LED.
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The history of the solar lantern

Lanterns are first mentioned in written documents by Theopompus, a poet from ancient Greece. In ancient China the earliest lanterns were made from paper or silk with a candle or fireflies inside used to decorate and create atmosphere at festivals and celebrations. Our solar lanterns here at Festive Lights are perfect for a garden party or BBQ in summer, and are much sturdier and safer than those of the past. They are much easier to use than catching a jar full of fireflies too!