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Outdoor battery lights are an excellent solution when struggling to get power to your garden lighting as not everyone has an outdoor power socket. With power pack options suitable for over and underground, we are able to provide superb outdoor battery powered lighting lasting over a month at a time, reducing wiring and the difficulty of supplying power where needed.
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No power issues with outdoor battery lights

Outdoor plug sockets, you either have them or you don't. We have to admit, they make having outdoor lighting displays significantly simpler, although even then it's not always easy. Those that do not have an outdoor socket have three options: attempt to run cable from indoors, get solar lights instead, or opt for battery powered outdoor lighting. The first of these options is not always possible as you're reliant on the thickness of the cable being small enough. Solar is not always considered a reliable power source, meaning that outdoor battery lights are often the preferred solution. Most battery lights for outdoor use now feature a timer, meaning that battery life is less of a concern that it used to be too.