ConnectGo Multi-Power Source Connectable Lights

Our ConnectGo system is at the cutting edge of low voltage, multi-power-source lighting technology. This range offers excellent performance, safety and versatility, allowing you the flexibility to choose from three distinct power sources: battery, solar and low voltage mains power. This revolutionary system means you can power the same length of lights with a solar panel in the summer, then change the source to either battery or mains power over the winter months. Mix and match any system product featuring the ConnectGo logo, including strings and icicle lights, silhouettes and accessories, to create the perfect display in your home or garden.
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  1. Connectable Warm White LED Rope LIght
    • Part of our cutting edge ConnectGo range.
    • Multi-power source technology.
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Battery, Low Voltage and Solar Connectable Lights

The most versatile range of connectable lights we've ever stocked, the ConnectGo system gives ultimate flexibility for your lighting display. Including all of our bestselling lighting products, like string lights, icicle lights and silhouettes, they can all be powered by either solar panel, battery power or low voltage transformers; everything featuring the ConnectGo logo can be connected together. Giving you the freedom to create the perfect display in your home or garden, or at weddings and events, this revolutionary system allows you to power the same set of lights from multiple power sources. Choose energy efficient solar power in summer, and switch to mains power during the winter months for year-round light. There’s also battery power, for light on the go, the choice is yours.