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Polyethylene or ‘PE’ trees are a specific variety of artificial Christmas tree produced using a higher quality of material that is actually injected into the moulds of real trees to enhance the realism. We call them 'real-feel' and we’ve got a choice of PE trees in different sizes: from 2ft to 7ft, meaning some are even suitable as tabletop trees. Browse the range below or read more in our PE trees guide.
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PE trees can be one of two things: pure PE – meaning that all of the tree’s branches are polyethylene or a mixture of PE and PVC. Sometimes a combination of the two different styles and textures actually adds to the realism and aesthetic qualities of these trees, but it really comes down to personal preference. One thing that most people are surprised about when encountering a PE tree for the first time is the feel of the tree – the branches have a more rubbery texture, compared to the papery feel more commonly associated with artificial PVC Christmas trees. Because of this, the branches on PE trees are less susceptible to breakage. We would highly recommend them as probably the most realistic looking and durable alternative to a real Christmas tree.