Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

A Christmas tree just isn't complete without being adorned with Christmas tree lights and this goes for your outdoor Christmas trees too. They can be wrapped around, weaving in and out between the foliage and outdoor decorations, or they can be used to decorate around the base of the tree. With an extensive range, filled with a multitude of different colours, styles, designs and lengths, we have the perfect lights for you.
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Lights for Outdoor Christmas Trees

The tradition of putting lights on Christmas trees originated in Germany in the middle of the 17th century, although the lights used then were real candles and not the miniature electric bulbs we know and love today. Thankfully, advancements in Christmas tree lights technology have given us the use of LED (light-emitting diode) technology. LEDs are not only much safer than having an open flame on your Christmas tree, they are also far more efficient than their previous incandescent counterparts and boast a much longer lifespan. Further advancements have meant that certain LED string lights have been manufactured to boast waterproof ratings, ensuring that they will still function to the same high standard when used outdoors. Twinkling lights on outdoor trees never fail to instil a sense of festive cheer into all who see them, and with an abundance of different colours, styles, designs and lengths available, you can turn your garden into a grotto!