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Solar lampposts are a classic feature piece for any front or back garden. With no messy wires, pricey batteries or electric bills (not to mention taking a day off work waiting for the electrician to arrive). Easy to install into any hard surface, such as decking (an alternative to regular solar decking lights), flagstones or driveways with the simple fitting kit provided. Providing functional light without any harsh industrial looking lights, they are ideal for giving your home a rural cottage vibe, as if it were in the Shire itself.
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Solar Powered Lamp Posts History

Early street lamps were used by Roman and Greek civilizations, to avoid tripping on the cobbled path or to keep thieves at bay. This can be transferred to modern use of street lighting, helping you find the right key to put in the front door, saving you from the frustration of fumbling around in your bags and pockets in the rain. They are also handy to alert you when someone is approaching if you aren’t expecting a visitor, deterring any potential intruders.