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Bring the inside out with our extensive range of outdoor fairy lights. Decorating your garden space has never been easier, our selection of outside garden fairy lights allows you to add ambience and soft lighting to your garden. You can choose from easy to use battery powered fairy lights, energy saving solar powered fairy lights and mains plug-in fairy lights to create unique features in your garden. Here at Festive Lights, we have a huge selection of outdoor fairy lights that you can use to transform your garden. We have solutions for any size garden, patio, terrace and balcony as well as any budget. Our fairy lights can be powered by batteries, solar panels or mains electric supply whichever fits your needs.
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Perfect Outdoor Fairy Lighting

Battery powered fairy lights are a simple and safe alternative to mains connected lights for your garden. Easy to set up and control, our selection of battery powered fairy lights can help you create unique lighting designs to add the extra wow factor to your garden, the simple and affordable choice. Solar powered fairy lights work all year round and require very little maintenance. Use to create numerous lighting schemes in your garden with our solar powered fairy lights and don’t worry about having to change lots of batteries. Perfect to add to small shrubs, trees and patio areas. Connectable plug-in fairy lights are ideal if you're looking to add lighting to large areas of your garden. The energy efficient, waterproof, connectable plug-in fairy lights are great for all year round use, come in a variety of lengths and sizes ideal if you want to add some light to fences, outdoor building or pergolas. When installing outdoor fairy lights from Festive Lights, you will have everything you need for easy installation and you can choose from a range of different functions. Timers which allow you to choose what time you want your lights to come on and when you want them to go off. You can also set your lights to different flashing formations and also have lights which have auto on-off and easy change functions. Our outdoor fairy lighting comes in a range of different designs which will make your garden really stand out. Simple outdoor string fairy lights which you can wrap around bushes and trees for an easy design update. Unique cascading outdoor fairy lights which can add a blanket of lighting to your garden. Waterfall fairy lights hang easily from the side of buildings, fences or walls to brighten up a plain area. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas, Festive Lights outdoor fairy lights can be used to light up entrance ways or to light the way along paths and help you enjoy summer evenings outdoors and entertaining friends. Our durable outdoor fairy lighting also comes in a range of different colours with cool and warm bulbs, and multicoloured LED bulbs. Don’t forget to switch it up for the festive season. Now is the time to order our twinkly outdoor Christmas fairy lights, some of which you can now even control via your mobile phone with a smart app.