Battery LED Candles

Our beautiful LED candles not only avoid the risks associated with a naked flame, but they’re also cool to the touch, meaning that they’re safe to use around both children and animals. With battery powered candles, you can add a sense of warmth and cosiness to your home without the hassle or the worry of a real candle. Complete the battery operated candles look with our stunning flickering LED tea lights and lanterns.
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    • Amber flickering LEDs, one per candle
    • Variety of sizes: 7.5cm, 13cm & 15cm
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Warm lighting LED candles

Warm lighting with battery LED candles are becoming more and more realistic, you’ll no doubt have noticed them popping up in places that you’ve always associated with real candles; churches and wedding venues are popular homes for these nowadays. We once heard from a customer that one of her bridesmaids’ dresses had caught alight on a real flame candle at her wedding. There’s no risk of this with battery candles or battery operated tea lights

Even better, both the pillar LED candles and tea light candles are indistinguishable from real flames aside from the heat. With the flickering effect, some even complete with dripping wax, wedding guests or visitors to your home will never know the difference.

To keep your home safe, to save money in the long run and to get a cosy atmosphere, our battery LED candles & battery tea lights are ideal.