FestoonPro 240V Connectable Festoon Lights

The pinnacle of our festoon lights range, FestoonPro 240V connectable festoon lights are designed for commercial use and have the build quality to match. The belts and bulbs - either E27 or B22 - are purchased separately and as such are fully replaceable. You choose the colour of belt, and style and colour of bulb that you prefer and connect belts together to reach your desired length.
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  1. 4W E27 Filament Style LED Light Bulb
    • Perfect for unique lighting displays
    • 4W & 320 lumen output
  2. E27 LED Festoon Bulb
    • 1 x 60mm LED festoon bulb.
    • Durable plastic tipped E27 base.
  3. B22 LED Festoon Bulb
    • 1 x 60mm LED festoon bulb.
    • Durable plastic tipped B22 base.
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Festoon Lights with Replaceable Bulbs

One of the most desirable features of the FestoonPro range is replaceable bulbs. If, for whatever reason, you break a bulb, you simply replace it with another. We're extremely confident in the quality of our festoon lights, and particularly the FestoonPro range, which is favoured by our trade customers. The other major advantage of our FestoonPro collection is how adaptable and versatile it is. If you’re looking to create canopy lighting for an outdoor space or a wedding, or if you’re simply looking to create your own unique light display, the connectable feature of these festoon lights is a huge benefit as a safe and easy way to do so.