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When people think of solar lights, typically, they will conjure up images of either decorative outdoor lighting, like solar fairy lights, or perhaps something more practical, like solar security lights. Solar animal lights provide the perfect balance of both a unique decorative appearance, whilst offering a practical lighting solution. Switch up your garden lighting from standard solar security lights and opt for something a bit different from solar fairy lights with our solar animal lights – practical yet uniquely decorative!
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Animal Solar Lights – practical yet uniquely decorative!

If you like to see wildlife in your garden but they don’t come in, these solar lights are the next best thing. You could be forgiven for thinking that animal solar lights are purely a novelty decoration to add a sense of fun and character to your outdoor space. However, they offer so much more in terms of practical lighting, whilst, of course, being full of unique personality. With an extensive range of animal figures to choose from, you can transform your backyard into a barnyard with sheep, cow and pig lights, or you could opt for the flamingo and peacock for a tropical paradise.

On a more sombre note, there are also solar lights for animal graves - pet memorial solar lights we tend to call them - which can be a nice way to remember a loving pet who is sadly no longer with us.