Artificial Christmas Trees

‘Should I get an artificial Christmas tree or a real tree?’ Many people ask that question each year, and often ‘artificial’ is the answer, because whilst they’re designed to look realistic, they don’t drop needles all over your floor and you don’t need to dispose of them and replace them the following year. You can even get artificial outdoor Christmas trees, and things like potted Christmas trees that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

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  1. Artificial Tinsel Christmas Tree
    In Stock
    • Available in two sizes (3ft & 4ft).
    • Various colour options.
    • Indoor use.
  2. FL-1616-2FT_4.jpg
    In Stock
    • Perfect for table top or window sills.
    • 73 ultra real tips.
    • Rustic style base.
  3. White Artificial PE Windsor Fir Christmas Tree
    In Stock
    • Stylish and contemporary design
    • Hinged branches for easy construction
    • Sturdy white metal base
    • Indoor use
  4. White Artificial Christmas Tree, 6ft or 7ft
    In Stock
    • Bestselling design.
    • Hinged branches.
    • White metal base.
  5. Pink Artificial Christmas Tree, 6ft or 7ft
    In Stock
    • Best selling design.
    • Hinged branches.
    • White metal base.
  6. 12ft Outdoor Green Richmond Fir Artificial PE Christmas Tree
    In Stock
    • Realistic shape
    • PE and PVC for real feel and texture
    • Perfect for commercial use
  7. 9ft Outdoor Green Richmond Fir Artificial PE Christmas Tree
    In Stock
    • Realistic artificial tree with 4,573 ultra real tips
    • PE & PVC
    • Perfect for Christmas décor
    • Outdoor use
    • 9ft (H)
  8. Wood Effect Tree Surround, Brown
    In Stock
    • Complete your Christmas tree
    • Indoor use
    • 55cm
  9. TR650WPT_2.jpg
    In Stock
    • Modern White Design
    • 2m (H)
    • Perfect for Smaller Displays
  10. TR650SEF_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Traditional Green Design.
    • 6ft (H).
    • Perfect for Smaller Displays.
  11. TR650BPT_2.jpg
    In Stock
    • Modern Black Design
    • 2m (H)
    • Perfect for Smaller Displays
  12. FL-1651_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Realistic tree design
    • 6m height
    • Green PVC mixed branches
    • 6 separate sections slot together
    • Perfect for commercial or large domestic displays
  13. fl-1618-4ft_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Perfect for small areas.
    • Ultra real look tips.
    • Sculptured urn style base.
  14. FL-1405-6FT_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Stylish and contemporary design.
    • Hinged branches.
    • Dark green metal base.
    • 6ft (180cm).
  15. FL-1407-7FT_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Beautiful snow effect
    • Unique swept down design
    • Hook-in branches
    • Green metal base
  16. TR800CSP_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Perfect for Domestic Displays
    • 2.4m (Height)
    • Pine Tree Style
  17. TR750RP_2.jpg
    In Stock
    • Traditional Green Design
    • 2.2m (H)
    • Mixture of Pine/PVC branches
  18. TR650NST_3.jpg
    In Stock
    • Natural Snow Tips
    • 2m (H)
    • Mixture of PE/PVC Branches
  19. TR650NS_3.jpg
    In Stock
    • Traditional green colour
    • Realistic PVC tips
    • 2m (H)
    • Flocked hinged branches
  20. TR650NFS_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Stand Out Silver Design
    • 2m (H)
    • Flocked Hinged Branches
  21. TR151877.jpg
    In Stock
    • 90cm Wall Mounted Green PVC Tree with Wall Bracket
    • Flame Retardant. Green PVC.
    • Indoors or Outdoors (Sheltered Use Only)
    • Metal Wall Bracket included.
    • Great to hanging your Home, Shop or Event location.
  22. 5ft Snow Covered Flocked Downswept Artificial Christmas Tree
    In Stock
    • Beautiful snow effect.
    • Unique swept down design.
    • Hinged branches.
    • Green metal base.
  23. FL-2254-4m_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Indoor Usage.
    • 6 Metre (H).
    • Perfect for Commercial Displays.
  24. fl-1406-6ft_1.jpg
    In Stock
    • Best selling design
    • Hinged branches
    • Green metal base

Looking to buy an artificial Christmas tree?

With advancing technology and techniques, artificial Christmas trees have never looked and felt as much like the real thing. Take polyethylene or ‘PE’ trees, these look and feel much more like a real tree than the older papery style of years gone by. Of course, realism isn’t always a requirement, so tinsel trees, fibre optic and even brightly coloured trees in silver, gold, white, purple and many more colours have increased in popularity in recent times. Artificial trees can be boxed or bagged up at the end of the festive period and stored away in the loft, basement or elsewhere. This is one of the main reasons people opt for an artificial tree, and you can now even buy products to replicate the smell of a real tree too. Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer to the ‘real’ versus ‘artificial’ debate, and traditionalists will still choose a real tree every time, but the arguments against artificial Christmas trees do seem to be reducing in number.