Colour Changing Outdoor Lights

Our colour changing outdoor lights are great for when you just can’t make up your mind. Subtly changing through the colours in a slow mesmerising sequence, creating a rainbow of colours wherever the light is cast. Some of our colour changing solar lights have a 'just white' feature and also a colour stop feature too, so you can pick your favourite colour and keep it on! Not to be confused with static multi coloured outdoor lights.

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  1. Solar Eureka Colour-Changing Festoon Bulb Lantern
    • Opaque glass bulb with white & colour-changing LEDs.
    • Mains-free, hassle-free solar light.
  2. Large Solar Silhouette Globe Stake Light, 2 Pack
    • Beautiful cut-out butterfly pattern.
    • Durable stainless steel with bronze effect finish.
  3. 1050942MO_2.jpg
    • Unique garden décor and light.
    • 1 x white LED & 1 x colour-changing LED.

Colour Changing Outdoor Lighting

We all love a bit of mood lighting, but why just keep it indoors? Our colour changing lights create the perfect setting for any outdoor area wherever it is located. Solar lights perform best after having a full day of sun to charge, but we do have mains and battery powered alternatives!