Colour Changing Outdoor Lights

Our colour changing outdoor lights are great for when you just can’t make up your mind.

Subtly changing through the colours in a slow mesmerising sequence, creating a rainbow of colours wherever the light is cast. Some of our colour changing solar lights have a 'just white' feature and also a colour stop feature too, so you can pick your favourite colour and keep it on! Not to be confused with static multi coloured outdoor lights.
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  1. Solar Novelty Sheep Light
    • Unique garden décor and light.
    • 1 x white LED & 1 x colour-changing LED.
  2. Solar Hen Wind Chime
    • 1 x colour-changing LED
    • 1 x AA rechargeable battery (included)
  3. Solar Novelty Warthog Light
    • Unique garden décor & light.
    • 1 x white & 1 x colour-changing LED.
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