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With our selection of night lights, you can wave your children’s fear of the dark goodnight! Night lights for children, in particular, are regarded as a necessity for your kids’ bedrooms and nurseries, and the range of bright, colourful designs make brilliant decorative focal points too.
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The Perfect Children's Night Lights

Our selection of night lights allows you to pick from cute and fun figures, such as friendly woodland creatures, unicorns and rockets to more unique designs with LED projectors and colour changing lights to match the décor theme of any bedroom. Not only will these lights give off a warm glow in a room, creating a cosy atmosphere perfect for bedtime to help lull your child to sleep, but the night lighting will also provide a little more safety for those little wanderers who won’t stay put after bedtime. Many of our fantastic LED night lights also feature motion sensing technology, so that they activate only when they’ve detected movement.