Fairy Lights with White Cable

These fairy lights exclusively feature white cable, perfect for hiding against white walls and backgrounds.

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  1. Outdoor LED Battery Fairy Lights, 5m, White Cable
    In Stock
    • Timer function.
    • 5m lit length, 50cm white lead cable.
    • Indoor and outdoor use.
    • IP44 waterproof rating.
    • 8 different functions.
  2. 24V Connect
    24V Connectable
    Fairy LED Lights, Connectable, White Cable
    In Stock
    • 50 LEDs per 5 metre length
    • Indoor & outdoor use.
    • Connect up to 115m (with medium power pack).
    • 8 light functions with memory.
    • Part of our 24v connectable range.
    • Power pack required.
  3. 2m Battery Unicorn Fairy Lights, Warm White LEDs
    In Stock
    • 10 warm white LEDs
    • Battery powered
    • On trend for this year
    • Fun & portable string lights
    • Perfect for children’s bedrooms & nurseries
    • 9cm (H) x 5cm (W)
  4. 50% OFF
    50% OFF
    24V Connect
    24V Connectable
    LED string light set, 30 warm white leds, 5mm, white cable, 3m
    In Stock
    • Part of our 24v connectable range.
    • Indoor & outdoor use.
    • Multi-function.
    • Perfect for curtain lights