Copper Fairy Lights

These copper fairy lights combine two of our favourite things: fairy lights and copper, which is one of the biggest interior design trends of the past few years. A vibrant, modern alternative to white fairy lights and other more traditional options like pink fairy lights, these usually feature either copper wire or utilise the copper colour within their design to create the perfect copper lights.
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Copper Coloured Fairy Lights and Copper Lights

It says a lot when the term 'copper' no longer immediately evokes thoughts of the metal compound and instead produces inspirational home decor ideas. This trend has lasted for several years now, and shows no signs of dying out. Copper fairy lights were a natural evolution and have quickly become a big success here at Festive Lights. Our copper wire fairy lights are amongst our best selling items across the entire website, and copper coloured fairy lights, in general, are something that we're asked about a lot.