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We are the leading online suppliers of Christmas lights in the UK, but despite our name we don’t just sell Christmas lighting. We also sell garden lighting throughout the year, mostly in the form of solar lights, as well as lights and decorations for special occasions like weddings, and lights for the home too. Oh and if you do happen to own a shop or business, we sell lots of commercial quality lights and decorations.

Some of our products have been featured on TV shows like The X Factor, The Gadget Show and even The Royle Family. Just for Christmas my ars...

You would be amazed how many different types of lights, decorations and trees there are and we know that it can all be a little overwhelming. That’s why we try and help as much as possible. We have a dedicated help area, guides, galleries and videos, and a team of staff that really know their onions. And by onions we mean lights.

So if you don’t know your curtain lights from your rope light, or your fairy lights from your icicle lights, don’t despair, that’s what we’re here for. And it doesn’t matter if you’re buying one set of lights or creating a display to rival Blackpool Illuminations.

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Festive Lights Blog

Wimbledon: Make Your Own Tennis Ball Tea Lights

Wimbledon: Make Your Own Tennis Ball Tea Lights

Celebrate Wimbledon with your very own tennis ball tea lights! We've put together a quick and simple DIY project for you, which should take minutes and cost pennies.


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