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Solar lights are the ideal statement garden lighting piece for any home. Their self-sustaining power allows these wonderful lights to shine bright all year round without the worry of new batteries or a mains power supply. Our ranges include solar fairy lights, decking lights and much more, all without the constraints of wiring or the worry of a cloud inducing electricity bill. Make your garden shine bright and peruse our range below!

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    • AA Li-ion 600 mAh Batteries, 3.2V.
    • Pack of 2.
    • For use with Solar Products.

Shining bright with solar powered lights

Solar lights are now arguably more common than their electric or battery powered counterparts. The technology behind them is no longer considered revolutionary, and in fact has seen continuous advancements since the early days of solar power. Of course we'd be lying if we said that performance of solar lights is unaffected during winter months - though there are ranges designed specifically to support winter use. Generally speaking, things like solar fairy lights, path lights and novelty items like solar animal ornaments and the like are most often seen during spring and summer. More practical items like security lights and shed lights are used throughout the year.

We'd highly recommend visiting our blog for much more information and advice with regards to maximising the performance of solar powered lighting.