ConnectPro 240V Connectable Lights

All of these items belong to our high-performance ConnectPro 240V connectable lights system. Suitable for commercial use, this higher quality connectable system uses durable rubber cabling built to withstand changeable weather conditions and prolonged outdoor use. ConnectPro was previously known as Mains Voltage, and the range is fully compatible with all of our mains voltage connectable lights.
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  1. MV027.jpg
    • Connectable E27 in line Lamp Holder. 
    • Part of our 240V Connectable Range. 
  2. FL-MV028_1.jpg
    • Connectable E27 Hanging Lamp Holder. 
    • Part of our 240V Connectable Range. 
  3. MV049_2.jpg
    • 120 Warm White with White Flash LEDs, 5m Icicle Lit Length.
    • Part of our 240V Connectable Range.
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    40% OFF
    Outdoor String Lights, Flash Bulb LEDs, Connectable, Black Rubber Cable
    • 34 static LEDs and 6 flash bulb LEDs per 5 metre length.
    • Commercial quality black rubber cable with connectors.
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