Christmas Baubles

Christmas baubles have been the decoration of choice, adorning Christmas trees of every size, shape and colour, quite literally for centuries. Baubles, along with Christmas tree lights are the easiest way to transform your seasonal decor from year to year, depending on your choice of decorative colour scheme. You're sure to find baubles to suit every requirement in our extensive range, as it features a multitude of colours, shapes, sizes and styles, for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
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  1. 4 Shatterproof Glitter Droplet Christmas Baubles
    • Sparkly, eye-catching design.
    • Each bauble is an impressive 15cm in height.
  2. Baby's First Glass Ornament, Pink
    • Quality baby’s 1st Christmas ornament
    • Perfect for indoor seasonal décor
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Christmas Tree Baubles

The tradition of hanging baubles from Christmas trees originated many centuries ago, first featuring items such as candy canes, apples and pastries in the shapes of flowers and stars. Once the manufacturing of ornaments, specifically dedicated to tree decoration, had begun, it wasn't long before seasonal decorations took the shape of the baubles we have today. With baubles in almost every colour imaginable, the simplest way to transform your festive decor is to change the colour scheme of your baubles and other decorations, since it instantly revamps the style. It's not only the colour that varies when it comes to bauble choice; there is a multitude of different styles to choose from, and then of course there's the question of 'to glitter or not to glitter?' Whichever way you decide to go, don't worry if you want to change your mind, there's always next year and a whole new colour scheme!