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Our Top 5 Solar Lights Tips

We know not everyone has the time to read all of our individual posts and FAQs about each aspect of solar lighting, so we’ve compiled our 5 top tips into a single article to make things nice and easy.


1. How to install solar lights


Depending upon what type of solar light that you have purchased, the installation will be different. With solar stake lights, for example, you must ensure that they are pressed well into the grass/soil/other surface. Solar security lights, on the other hand, are generally mounted on an external wall around your property. Each of our products contains specific information about how it should be installed.

Regardless of the type of fitting, ensure that both the light and panel are secured firmly. Anything that compromises this can also compromise the effectiveness of the light.


2. Where to place solar lights


Solar lights obviously rely upon the sun for their energy. A solar panel is employed either as part of the light itself, or as a separate entity, connected to the light by a wire. It is imperative that this solar panel, whether part of the lighting unit or not, be positioned in direct sunlight for as long as possible (south facing is best). The longer that the panel remains in sunlight, the greater the charge in the battery, thus the better the performance of the light.

Fully charged batteries can provide a quality solar light with up to 8-10 hours of charge.

HOT TIP: Before positioning the lights in their final destination, first leave them in direct sunlight for at least a day, and check to ensure that they function correctly.


3. How to maintain solar lights


If you find that your solar light isn’t performing as it once had, then we thoroughly recommend giving the solar panel a wipe. Over time, the panel can gather dust and dirt, and anything that impedes the sunlight from getting to the panel will have a negative effect on the performance of the light itself.

HOT TIP: If in the winter the lights are not coming on for very long, switch them off for a few days to allow the battery to re-charge without it being drained constantly. Then switch back on and they should last longer.


4. How to arrange solar lights


The arrangement of solar lights depends upon the function that you are using them for. Obviously if your concern was security, then you would place a solar light with a motion sensor near to a point of entry at your property. If you intend to use the lights more decoratively then you must consider what prominent features in your garden you wish to highlight.

You could highlight flowers, plant pots, patios, even swimming pools, or use them to frame or circle other features such as ponds or gazebos. The glory of solar lights is that they require no wiring and can be moved around easily, so you can experiment with your solar garden lighting arrangement.


5. What to do if your solar lights aren’t working

Okay so this one is too big not to have its own article. Click the link above to see the full 8 steps and remember that if you have any questions about solar lights, or our services that aren’t answered in any of our articles, you can always contact us.