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Novelty Solar Lights

This novelty solar lights range features products that are primarily decorative - ornaments if you prefer. They contain a lighting element, but they are principally designed to be a decorative feature, rather than provide a huge amount of light. More than that though, they're fun!

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  • 41 Products Found
Solar Lights / Novelty Solar Lights
In Stock
Rocking Solar Owl Novelty Garden Light, White LED
In Stock
Solar Clip On Umbrella Light, White LED, 11cm
In Stock
Red Solar Camping Lantern, White LED

Red Solar Camping Lantern, White LED

Was £29.99, Now £19.99

In Stock - only 1 remaining
Smart Garden Solar Buddha Gold Effect Figure, White LED, 25cm
In Stock - only 3 remaining
Gardman Solar Windchime Light, Colour Changing, 66cm
In Stock - only 4 remaining
Smart Garden Solar Buddha Spotlight Statue, White LED, 25cm
  • 41 Products Found

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