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Curtain Lights

Whether to be used for domestic purposes - at a wedding for example - or for commercial use, these curtain lights will not disappoint. The majority of LED curtain lights (also known as fairy light curtains) are connectable and are therefore available in almost any size.

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2m x 2.5m Blue Outdoor Connectable Curtain Light - 500 LEDs
20% OFF
In Stock - only 5 remaining
2m x 3m Green Curtain Light Connectable, 720 LEDs
In Stock - only 1 remaining
1m x 1m White Indoor Star Curtain Light - 54 LEDs
In Stock
2m x 1.5m Pink Outdoor Connectable Curtain Light - 300 LEDs
20% OFF
In Stock
2m x 3m White Curtain Light Connectable, 720 LEDs
Out Of Stock
1m x 1m White Curtain Lights, 100 LEDs
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