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Outdoor Christmas Icicle Lights

You'll often see icicle lights appearing to hang from the rooftops or gutters of a building at Christmas time. A fantastic Christmas lighting solution for outdoors, our icicle range is unrivalled.

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Low Voltage Connectable Icicle Lights
  1. How to use Low Voltage Connectable Icicle Lights

  2. Low Voltage Icicle Lights in Action
Mains Voltage Connectable Icicle Lights
  1. How to use Mains Voltage Connectable Icicle Lights

  2. Mains Voltage Connectable Icicle Lights in Action


Often the starting point for any outdoor display, outdoor icicle lights are so named for their resemblance to icicles formed when falling or dripping water freezes.

We have both connectable and non-connectable icicle lights, in a variety of different colours. These can often be seen hanging from gutters or fascia boards. Whilst they are used predominantly at Christmas, our icicle lights have also been known to crop up at weddings, parties and other special events.

The videos, linked to above, will reveal just how easy it is to set up icicle lights outdoors, with more and more people opting to do so at their own homes, as opposed to in previous years where outdoor Christmas lighting was mainly something implemented by businesses.

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